BDJ Box: April 2015

What, this is the third time I’m writing about skin care and makeup? Am I some sort of beauty blogger now? From books to blushes. This is so out of character, yo. But I’m new to all this, so just let me have this moment to talk about beauty!

I’m sure most of you have heard of the Belle de Jour Power Planner. Maybe you’ve seen it during one of your trips to National Bookstore. Hey, maybe you’re using now. Specifically made for the girl who “achieves her goals, makes a difference in the community, and does everything in great style,” the BDJ Power Planner is a colorful, motivational life organizer full of positive quotes, tips to achieve a purposeful life, and tools to get things done, basically.

Planners like this aren’t really my cup of tea, but I recently received one at work. And in it, I discovered the Belle de Jour Box. Subscription boxes seem so fun to get in the mail, so I’ve been looking around to see which ones I can subscribe to (like Quarterly Co., minus the shipping rates that don’t cost a week’s worth of wages). I signed up for 3 boxes (P1,700 / P566 per box) last February, and my first box arrived a couple of weeks ago.


It looks beat up, but that’s okay. We all look beat up after travel.


A spring-themed box, that’s cute. The April 2015 BDJ Box is all about helping you “maintain your beautiful aura – no matter where you are […] subtly enhancing your features and creating a fresh, healthy glow. Spring into beauty and show off your best glowing self…” Right off the bat, you can tell it’ll contain a lot of skin care products instead of makeup. On one hand, I think that’s good because I’m increasingly interested in skin care products, but on the other hand, I’m more particular about that compared to makeup.


First impressions:

  • Heeeyyy, Mustela. Nice. I’m not a mom, but baby products are the bomb.
  • Lots of full-sized stuff. That’s gotta be good.
  • Oh, a Revlon thing! New makeup!
  • But wait. I see something with a goat. Is that goat soap? God, I hate goats.


1. MyChoice Pure Herbal Soap (Natural Milk). 100 g / P55. Is MyChoice a local brand? Thai? Who doesn’t like soap, especially the moisturizing kind? But I really don’t like goats, you guys. Goat milk, goat cheese, goats as representations of evil in Christian scripture and popular media—no me gusta. :s


2. Tony Moly Intense Care Snail Foot Mask. 18ml / P198. I’m happy to see something from Tony Moly. Not a face mask—a foot mask. That’s neat.


3. Asian Secrets Lulur Whitening Body Scrub. 20ml / P15. I tend to stay away from whitening products because I prefer golden, sun-kissed skin. Not to say I have golden, sun-kissed skin, though. I don’t tan very well. It’s more…I toast under the sun. So, I guess I can use this product when I go to the beach this year.

4. Asian Secrets Lulur Whitening Facial Scrub. 100g / P120. I’m always worried that my face will look lighter than the rest of my body, so I’m thinking I have to use these two simultaneously.


5. MyChoice Bubble Shower Salt 2-in-1. 225g / P100. Another MyChoice product, but thankfully it’s “flavor” is carrot. I’ve never tried shower salt before, so this’ll be interesting. The BDJ Box product card says it can be used as an everyday soap, but I think I’ll start with twice a week, similar to a facial scrub. I like carrots. I think I’m more comfortable using products that have ingredients I actually eat.


6. Mustela Stretch Marks Double Action. 150ml / P1,750. A moment of lady realness over here: I’ve read some beauty bloggers will give these to their mom friends, but me? Honestly I think I’ll use these. I’m a big girl, always have been. I have stretch marks. Who run the world?

7. Mustela Hydra Bebe Body Lotion. 300ml / P790. Okay, I can use this sample-sized lotion when I travel.

8. Mustela 2-in-1 Hair and Body Wash. 200ml / P520. This too, I suppose.


9. MyChoice Hand and Body Lotion (Goat Milk). 100ml / P70. Another goat milk product. Why, BDJ? Why? I can feel a MyChoice phobia brewing.


10. MyChoice Anti Acne Cream. 20g / P350. We meet again, MyChoice. But I see flowers this time instead of a creepy animal I never wish to meet. That’s a good sign. This is a full-sized product, and it costs P350. At first I was a little taken aback by the price, but then it’s a treatment product. Those tend to be more expensive that your regular cleansers and lotions. The back blurb reads, “AHA and BHA can desquam acnes gentlely without causing shin irritation.” Say what? What is desquam? Also, I can use this for my shins? I am confuse.

(I’m kidding, but I just can’t resist pointing out Engrish.)

Oh, MyChoice is a Thai brand! I know nothing about Thai skin care and cosmetics, but that’s why I signed up for this subscription—to discover new products, especially the lesser known ones, I wouldn’t normally try on my own.


11. FS Cosmetics Lash Extravagance Mascara. 9g / P625. Yay, mascara. I love mascara. FS Cosmetics is a local makeup brand established in 2003. I use their Two-Way Cake Foundation in Organza, which many bloggers say is a good dupe of the MAC Studio Fix Powder. I was expecting this to be an average mascara, but the wand popped out, and I was pleasantly surprised. The brush is curved, which I think will help lengthen and curl the eyelashes. A lot of product is on the wand whenever I pull it out. It’s very wet upon initial application, but I just wiggle at the base and swipe upwards repeatedly. One coat is enough to make my eyelashes pop. I even fell asleep with this on. I’m happy to report that it didn’t smudge.


12. Revlon Highlighting Palette (Peach Glow). 7.5g / P625. This is the product I was most excited about because I don’t have anything like this. I don’t know how to highlight and contour my face yet, but I’m excited to learn about that.

Overall, I think I was expecting more (makeup?) from this box. It’s spring-themed, but I think every product is apt for summertime. And during summer, people don’t wear makeup as often. They go to the beach. They swim in the ocean. It’s really hot. Moisture is really important. Skin care trumps makeup. So, this box has that going for it. Total retail value, not counting the samples, is around P1,733 (give or take a few), twice as much as I paid for for the box. That’s pretty good, I think. Can’t wait for the other boxes!


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