Too Cool For School: Dinoplatz

I love dinosaurs. I love dinosaurs like other people love Star Wars or Star Trek or Battlestar Galactica. Dinosaurs are my thing. When I found out Korean brand Too Cool For School, maker of incredibly cute skin care products and cosmetics, had a dinosaur-themed makeup line, I made getting all those products my life’s mission. Thankfully TCFS came to the Philippines in 2013, saving us the trouble of online shopping and hauling our butts to Korea.

A collaboration with artist Hatori Sando, whose works are influenced by “architecture and details of everyday objects,” Too Cool for School’s Dinoplatz line is just THE CUTEST. Dinosaurs roaming around the city, severed T-rex heads dancing around in a circle, a stegosaurus walking outside a building—this makeup packaging is all I’ve ever wanted!


I got three items from the TCFS branch in SM North EDSA (four actually if I count the eyebrow razors, but that’s irrelevant). I consider my humble haul an achievement in exercising self-control. Patting myself on the back. Good job, Kay. Good job.


First thing I got was the Dinoplatz Dear Brachiosaurus Oil Blotting Paper. Isn’t that the most adorable oil blotting paper container on the face of the planet? What’s great about it is dinosaurs obviously, but it also has a built-in mirror and the sponge that the mulberry paper sticks to. So beautiful and functional.


TCFS sells refills of the sponge adhesive and the mulberry blotting paper when you run out, but I think I can always just buy cheaper blotting paper from Watsons, cut it down to size, and just keep using the container. #lifehack


Item #2: tinted lip balm, my second favorite skin care/makeup thing next to mascara. The Dinoplatz lip balm line has five colors. At first I wanted Spilled Wine (wine lips), but I changed my mind when I swatched Rabbit Food (a natural orange hue). But! The Rabbit Food packaging didn’t have dinosaurs on the cap. Sad banana. So, I got Beet Jam instead (rosy).


It feels, smells, and tastes exactly like The Body Shop’s strawberry lip balm. But it’s better. Because dinosaurs.


The product I was most excited about and really wanted to show you is the TCFS Eyeshadow on Flatiron.


Just look at it! Like the Flatiron Building in New York, made better by that stegosaurus walking over there on one side. I’m not gonna lie. I really just bought all this stuff for the packaging. I threw out the other boxes and cartons, but this one I kept.


Opened it a bit, and look! There’s another dinosaur! This is so exciting!


Here’s what it looks like spread out. So pretty.


Flip it over, and there’s the cream eyeshadow after much fanfare.


There are three shades to choose from: lavender (a nice base color), peach gold, and bronze.


I’m not too adventurous when it comes to eyeshadow yet, so I just got bronze. It’s a lovely, shimmery brown for day and night wear.


In Korea, when you buy something from stores like Etude House and Nature Republic, you usually get free samples. I wasn’t expecting anything from TCFS, but they gave me a McGirly Perfecter sample (I’m guessing an anti-aging product) and free cotton pads when I availed of their free promo card. For every P500 purchase, you get a stamp. Two freebies (subject to change and availability) are up for grabs and a 20% discount during the 10th stamp. Thank you, thank you, Too Cool For School. I’ll definitely come back for the rest of the Dinoplatz line.

I’m also excited to try their skin care products next, particularly their popular Pumpkin Sleeping Pack, the Morocco Ghassoul Foam Cleanser, and the Egg Cream Pack (but does it really cost P839???).

Their Philippine website here for more details. Get excited.


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