Kay in the Bag: Kay

In another attempt to keep this blog alive, I’ve come up with a new segment! Not only will it keep this blog from dying an abrupt death, but it’ll also give me something to do during the weekends other than stuffing my face with chips and finding things to binge-watch on Drama.net.

My goal here is to feature a person and their bag every week. A truly ambitious goal given my blogging record. To start, I’m going to call this series … Kay in the Bag. Like cat in the bag. How ya like that? How creative! How unique! But seriously, I’ve been trying to come up with something witty all day, and this is all I got. We’ll just have to live with it for now.

Featuring the stuff people have inside their bags isn’t a new concept, but it’s an interesting one. I think every bag tells a story about that person, and I’m excited to see what people are willing to share with the world. And I haven’t done anything like this before blog-wise so that seemed like a good reason to do it.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


For the first post in this series, I thought it best to start with myself. So, hi, hello there. Kay here. I work for an NGO that does really great work for disadvantaged Filipino children. I’m a lover of cats, tote bags, and Japanese Instagrammers (in a respectful, non-creepy way because most of their posts look like they belong in a Kinfolk magazine).


The bag you see up there is my work bag and the only designer bag I own. It was a birthday gift from my parents. The rest of my bags are tote bags with funny things drawn on them. You know, like an adult.


Here’s all the stuff I usually have with me on a regular day.


Let’s start with my gadgets. On the far left, we have my earphones and my iPhone 5, another gift from my parents a few years ago. Next to it is my office phone, which I always forget to charge and load up because I’m not used to Android (I’m such a good worker bee). Beside it is the charger for my iPhone. And on the far right is my new earphone splitter shaped like a sligshot. With this in my life, I won’t have a problem recreating that scene in Begin Again where Keira Knightley and Mark Ruffalo go around New York listening to Frank Sinatra and Stevie Wonder. In my case, it’ll be Taylor Swift and EXO. That’s just how I roll.


A bag within my bag! My makeup bag is something I can’t leave the house without these days. I only started wearing makeup this year (I’m 24, btw), and I’ve been having a lot of fun with it. Since this isn’t a beauty post, I’ll resist the urge to itemize the contents of my beauty bag, but this is more or less what I use for my daily face. A lot of work goes into looking decent in public.


I love Human Nature. And I’m loving their All-Natural Spray Sanitizer in Cool Burst this summer. It smells like liquid Mentos. At the office, we have one aircon, and it likes to break down unexpectedly in the middle of the afternoon. #NGOproblems

In a desperate attempt to cool down, I spritzed this on my neck. A REVELATION! It felt like I slapped Salonpas on myself. Then I went from cubicle to cubicle urging my officemates to try it. Rushed to the mall to get another bottle. #NGOsolutions

My daily moisturizer is also from Human Nature. Again, I love that it’s from HN, but the smell is a little cloying (sorry). My pabango right now is Elizabeth Arden’s Green Tea Cherry Blossom. Smells very summery. And the nameless vial next to it is some kind of scent thing. I bring it with me to the bathroom when I have serious business to attend to. Y’all know what goes down in there, right?


An assortment of items: A bag hook. Band-Aids with a cute bullet train design (Bring me back to Japan, huhu). Office key. A lady bug keychain that transforms into a tiny pair of scissors (I got this one from Kinokuniya in Kuala Lumpur). A pen. A lot of hair ties because they always snap! Sofeel~ tissue. And Pei Pa Koa, my answer to all illnesses.


The purple notebook is my work notebook. The small turquoise one is where I write shopping lists, blog ideas, and brain farts. The Le Petit Prince tin case is where I keep my business cards (Really professional, no?). My wallet up there is a gift from my aunt from one of her trips to Japan. And a book. I always try to keep a book with me even during overseas trips, even though my mother says I should just leave them because they take up precious luggage space. To me, books are more than just paper and binding. They take me on an adventure, teach me, challenge me, comfort me. I lose myself in them and find myself again. (And reading Junot Diaz always gives me sexy, cool dreams. The man knows culo like no one else does in the industry.)

If I had to choose three things that always have to be in my bag, I’d pick … my wallet, moisturizer, and a book.

And that’s it! That’s my bag. I just realized all I’ve been doing lately on this blog is show people photos of my stuff. I really gotta finish those Japan posts and talk about something else. Friends and family, get ready to be featured here. See y’all next week.


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