Kay in the Bag: Maika

Second post! In this series! This week! As promised! This is a small achievement because I usually never keep the promises I make on blog posts. I deserve a cupcake.

This time, I’ll be featuring one of my best friends, Maika. Lover of perfectly cut bites of lasagna, extremely sweet coffee that’ll wreck a normal person’s blood sugar, and Veronica Mars fanfic. She just graduated from med school this month. She’s a legit doctor now. So, that’s Dr. Maika to you, thanks very much.

Photo by Zimri Tan
Photo by Zimri Tan

Look at that babe. To all the fellas out there, this lady’s single. Let me know if you’re interested, and I’ll hook you up. Like a madam.

I forgot to take a photo of her bag, but it’s the tiniest thing made by Kipling. My other friends and I were amazed she fit in so much stuff in there.


So, this is what the inside of a doctor’s bag looks like. There’s just so many things! And if you’re thinking, ‘Is that a syringe?!’ Yes. Yes, that is a syringe. Because the doctor is in today.


Maika’s studying for her board exams right now. Busy, busy bee. We see a clinical anatomy reviewer, lots of highlighters, pens, her puppy sticky note pad, and her ID right there. UP Manila represent.


Next we have her gadgets. Two phones, two earphones. And speakers for the OR, I think I heard her say. And an HDMI cable in case she has to present her patient’s case using a projector (I’m kidding, but we never know).


That’s her grad pic in her wallet. Isn’t she so pwetty? Beside it are the keys to her house and other important places. Then aviators and reading glasses.


Homegirl has three beauty products with her: mineral blush, liquid eyeliner to accentuate her gorgeous peepers, and lip balm for those luscious lips. Are ya interested now, boys?

And petroleum jelly to soothe burns? Alcohol to disinfect the wound? A comb to…make sure the patient’s hair looks good as they’re rushed to the ER?


This is where it gets intense. She had all these medical items in her bag. Biogesic, we understand. Measuring tape, sure. But then there’s that syringe, Hemofree (an anti-coagulant), a tube for blood, calcium gluconate (Maika explained what this thing is for twice, but my brain just couldn’t process that information), gauze, Steri-Strips, I forgot what that black thing is, a vial of “HCL” whatever, more strips for sutures, and her black medical notebook (like Ellis Grey in Grey’s Anatomy!). But the most surprising thing was the surgical blade. She looks like a sweet girl, and she is, but she’s packin’ blades in her bag! Beautiful.

What are three items that have to be in your bag at all times? Phone, iPod, and wallet.

Congratulations, Maika, for finishing med school! I’m so proud of you. I’m confident you’re going to save so many lives and make a lot of children happy, healthy, and safe. Good luck with your boards. See you in Palawan for your Liberation Trip!


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