Kay in the Bag: Billie

Yeah. So. Mmm. Doing this weekly is a lot of work. And I’m only on my third feature. But it’s all good, it’s all good.

Here we have Billie, one of my closest friends since high school. Lover of pretty dresses, great coffee (dat wonderful iced coffee we had in Jalan Alor, ugh), and dinosaurs (!!!). People have mistaken us for each other in the past. We use the same last name when websites ask us to verify our identity (we are the Smith sisters). Sometimes we both eat questionable food that might or might not be past their expiration date, then we wonder why we haven’t poisoned ourselves yet.

She’s working as a publishing editor while finishing her MA in communication, so this is the bag of a writer / editor / well-read / OC / hard worker bee / likes gifts from Japanese authors / studying person.


Background is a burger because why not?

(We shot this in Burger King after we finished planning our trip to Palawan this summer, that’s why. We hope Burger King never removes apple juice from its menu.)


Here are all her things laid out. I find this project so amusing because every bag I peek into really looks like the bag of the owner. Maika is a doctor, and her bag had all those medical thingamajigs. Billie is a writer / editor, and her bag is full of notebooks.


We see reading glasses. A pencil tube, which was jammed full of pens. We tried to get the pens out, but we couldn’t. We really couldn’t. “Parang may mali. Hindi dapat ‘to ganito…”

And notebooks specifically for part-time work, personal goals (I love this one), and the other bits of her life.


Next up, we have her wallet. You can see her ID peeking through a little bit there. And her phone, charger, and earphones.


What I didn’t expect was her kikay kit. First, it was the kiddie toothpaste, but I guess it’s best to be gentle with our teeth and gums? Cotton swabs cut in half, what a nifty idea. Then a razor when she wants to cut a bitch who’s giving her a hard time with editing (jk). Five tubes of lipstick! And other things that’ll set her up for a spontaneous overnight stay anywhere. Girl can sleep over your house at a moment’s notice. All she needs are her notebooks, her toiletries, and a strong lip.

Kisses, B. Palawan in a few days! #soexcited


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