Kay in the Bag: Misha

Hi. I’ve been MIA from this blog because I just crammed the entire summer in two weeks. Leave it to me to splash around in the sea at the very last minute, just when the rainy season’s about to arrive. I went to Palawan again, this time with friends from high school. Loved it even more. I want to buy a house there now. Then I hopped over to Laiya with my officemates. The tail end of summer has been good to me.


But before I start worshiping Palawan and forget the rest of the world, here’s another Kay in the Bag post for ya. This is Misha. Lover of dogs, tax refunds, and the idea of Sweden. We’ve been friends for years and years and years, but she was such a bitch when we first met. Haha. (There’s a story behind this, but I’m not going to share it here.) Then there was that weird, awkward galit-galit phase throughout college, and I can’t even remember why, but now we’re cool. We’re going to have a really overdue date at Beni’s Falafel.


Here are most of the things inside her tiny bag, exactly how they looked inside her tiny bag. :))


I tried to keep a journal recently, but that lasted for about a week. Misha is the kind of lady who’ll always have a notebook and pens with her. She’s the only person I know who diligently writes in notebooks. She can whip them out anytime, anywhere. I think she writes about everything—her observations, lists, notes, stories, commentaries, anything, everything.

On the right side, we see cards and IDs. Again, Misha is the only person I know who uses a postal ID when she’s asked for identification. I didn’t even know people can avail of postal IDs. And it’s one of those IDs that has your information typed on cardboard using a typewriter, then it’s laminated. It’s the funniest thing.

Like me, she also works in the development sector, in communications specifically, but I’m with an NGO, and she’s with the government. A lady who does good work for others and the greater good is A+ in my book.


Next up, gadgets and accessories. A cable, A charger, earphones, an iPod Shuffle she probably uses when she’s jogging, a USB, her iPhone, and her MacBook Air (not inside her bag). We have an Apple baby here.


This is what I like seeing in bags—stuff that really tell you what a person likes, their taste in things, like receipts, tickets, shopping lists, and little stubs. Here you can see Misha’s been to the alt-J concert in Manila recently, and she’s also seen Avengers: Age of Ultron. So, homegirl likes really good music and is a sexy nerd.

I think the stub beside that is a bus ticket, which tells us she commutes. Then we have her money, which normally would’ve been inside a wallet, but I don’t think Misha owns a wallet. Haha.


Oh, an assortment of items. Lots of keys, too many keys, what’s up with all the keys, keychains from places she’s been, lipstick, a mirror, and hair accessories. And a whistle, that’s neat and very utilitarian.


We always have books with us. It’s been like this since grade school. You know how some people, when they forget their watches or their phones, they kind of feel naked? I think that same feeling applies to us when there isn’t a book in our bag.

Misha’s choice of reading material right now definitely reflects her interest in matters concerning the military. She used to work for the military (or was it the navy?), and men in uniform are pretty good eye candy? Haha.

What are three items that have to be in your bag at all times? A notebook and pens. Phone charger. And Billie money.

Misha, kailan na tayo pupunta sa Beni’s? Also, more importantly, WHEN ARE WE GOING BACK TO PALAWAN?


2 thoughts on “Kay in the Bag: Misha

  1. lles June 19, 2015 / 10:45 AM

    Loooove your bag series.

    • kaygemzon June 26, 2015 / 3:38 PM

      Let me feature your bag, Ky! :))

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