Fave Five: YouTube Beauty Vloggers

Hello. Beauty. Again. Yaaasss.

When I started getting into makeup and before I went to Korea with my foot-long shopping list, I hit all the beauty channels to find out more about the items I wanted to buy, especially the vlogs. Watching beauty vlogs was a great way to see products in action, their size, sometimes the actual prices, any updates about the product or the brand, and reviews. And it’s just sometimes more entertaining than reading ten blog posts that say the same thing. Ahehe.

After spending countless hours on YouTube, I’ve come to really like a few vloggers because they put a lot of work into making their videos look great, their reviews very clear and honest, and their tutorials really helpful. I can watch these people all day. And I have. Some weekends I just literally lie on my bed like a sack of potatoes and watch beauty hauls and tutorials. If you can imagine a sack of potatoes trying to put makeup on in bed, that’ll be me.

1. Michelle Phan

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