Palawan 2015: Travel Video

The highlight of my summer this year is my trip to Palawan, hands down, no contest. I went to Puerto Princesa for the first time with my family a few years ago, and I absolutely loved it. This time, I went to Puerto Princesa again and El Nido with my friends for Maika’s Liberation Tour (from med school) and my birthday (a happy scheduling incident). We had so much fun, we have a difficult time shutting up about the trip. Almost every day since we got back someone would say something about missing Palawan, and we would just die a little inside. Misha made an excellent iPhone video to commemorate this milestone in our friendship and also to tide us over until the next time we find ourselves drinking beer and coconut juice along the shoreline, swimming in the open water before anyone else, and getting gloriously tanned.

And here’s a fun almost-per-second commentary, just because:

0:01 – Everyone was nearly 3 hours early for an hour-long domestic flight. We weren’t excited.

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